Native Wisdom : The sacred in Nature (Montreal, Canada)


New Acropolis organized an activity on Native wisdom and its vision of the sacred in Nature as part of National Indigenous Peoples Day. Speaker and philosopher Céline Bouchard shared a news the city of Montreal has announced earlier in the day. Amherst Street, named after Jefferson Amherst who is called the “Father of Bacteriological Warfare” for offering smallpox-infested blankets to Aboriginal people will be renamed and would become “Atateken” Street by the end of summer 2019. “Atateken” is a Mohawk word meaning “fraternity” or “group of people or nations with whom we share values”. The choice of this is not trivial since it itself expresses a value of Native culture: fraternity.

All the traditions presented conveyed in their own way myths of fabulous creation that shared the courage and value of animals and other kingdoms and invite us to live in tune with nature that teaches us lessons of wisdom.

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