The City Council of Ribeirão Preto pays tribute to New Acropolis (Ribeirão Preto/SP, Brazil)

Institutional Presence

In the context of World Third Sector Day, the City Council of Ribeirão Preto carried out a solemn session to pay tribute to various organizations for the services rendered to the community.

The award results from Law 12.242/2108 proposed by Councillor Orlando Pesoti, which declares 23 March to be World Third Sector Day. Fifteen organizations were awarded diplomas presented by the councillors who had chosen the successful applicants. The Ribeirão Preto branch of the International Organization New Acropolis – Philosophy, Culture and Volunteering – was selected by Councillor Fabiano Guimarães as one of the award-winning organizations.

The event was attended by the Mayor, Duarte Nogueira, and the First Lady and President of the Solidarity Social Fund, Samanta Duarte Nogueira; the President of the Union of Philanthropic Entities of Ribeirão Preto, Maurício Gumieiro; and representatives of the award-winning organizations.


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