“Classics” workshop series: “Meditations by Marcus Aurelius” (Lisbon, Portugal)


At the Sao Lázaro Library in Lisbon, another of the activities belonging to the “Classics” workshop series entitled: “Meditations by Marcus Aurelius” took place, in charge of New Acropolis volunteer Selma Nascimento.

After a presentation on the values and thoughts of Marcus Aurelius, several reflections emerged based on ideas such as the importance of virtues, the experience of an ideal, the ideal of nature, the awakening of a philosopher and philosophy as wisdom in action.

Finally, the audience was invited to discuss some of the book’s phrases and participants formed break out groups identifying with virtues such as tolerance, altruism, perseverance, discernment, generosity, fraternity strength etc., and where it was possible to analyze how all these reflections can be applied in our society.

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