25th Clean-up Action of Monuments in the city Monte Serrat Niches (Santos/SP, Brazil)

Cultural Volunteering

In collaboration with the Department of Culture of Santos Local Council, the 25th Clean-up Action for the conservation of the city’s monuments was carried out at the beginning of September. The granite niches along the 402 steps of the Monte Serrat staircase were cleaned. The 14 colonial style niches with bronze relief images depicting the Way of the Cross were sculpted in 1939 by Marino Del Fabero and cast in metal by Metelo Benedetti. The purpose of the cleaning (as a part of the Clio Project to preserve the heritage of the city and Brazil) was to prepare the niches for the celebration of the Patron Saint – “Our Lady of Monserrat”, which happens in September.

The work continued even during the pandemic, since it was possible to do it with the recommended PPI to ensure protection from the risk of the virus. The volunteers have also been recommended by the institution to pay attention to all the rules established by the official health guidelines.

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