Collaboration of volunteers with the Municipality of Athens – Fire protection works in the Ilisia Grove (Greece)

Ecological Volunteering

The volunteers of the philosophical and cultural organization New Acropolis, in collaboration with the deputy mayor of Vegetation Mr. Kollatos and with the assistance of the staff of the Municipality of Athens, carried out un ecological action once again! The forest needs us, but we also need the forest and we must protect it from a possible fire!

The Mayor of Athens, Mr. Bakoyannis, thanked the volunteers of New Acropolis who participated in the action, by posting on his personal Facebook profile the following words: “The work in the Ilisia Grove continues and its result acquires greater value, it is always something better, when we all succeed it together. A big thank you to the volunteers of the International Cultural and Philosophical Organization New Acropolis, not only because they help make Athens better but also because they send a strong message of offer and participation.”

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