New Acropolis participates in the 66th Porto Alegre Book Fair (Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil)

Cultural Activities

With the aim of interacting with the community of Porto Alegre, and promoting human values, New Acropolis was invited to participate in the 66th Porto Alegre Book Fair, which took place online, on November 9 and 10, 2020. On the first day, there was a talk entitled “Stoic Pills for a Happier Life”, on the second day a discussion was held on “Philosophy and the Meaning of Life”.

The first activity dealt with a subject that is increasingly popular today, which is the wisdom of ancient Rome, which can help us cope with the speed and challenges of our contemporary world. The speaker, Tiago Furst, dealt with topics such as the search for happiness and the importance of facing up to problems by finding a stable centre within ourselves. Questions from the audience, through zoom, enriched the reflections.

Presented by Professors Samuel Plentz and Beatriz Quaglia, the discussion on Philosophy and the Meaning of Life focused on Happiness. The topics dealt with were related to those explored in the books recently published by Editora Nova Acrópole in digital version, published under the imprint “Conhece-te a ti mesmo” (“Know thyself”), and writings by Professor Delia Steinberg Guzmán, philosopher and honorary president of the International Organization New Acropolis: Philosophy for Living, and What do we do with our mind and heart?

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