Talk: The Way of the Warrior – Embracing the Inner Battle (London, UK)

Promotion of Philosophy

‘How can we orient ourselves in the midst of a world which has become increasingly violent, elusive, complex and unpredictable?’ is a question that many people often have. To bring some philosophical tools and reflection to the theme, our speaker Agostino Dominici delivered a talk on this topic, engaging our audience both online and at our premises.

He also invited us to think about our current circumstances as the perfect setting for the cultivation of the warrior spirit. And this true warrior spirit is, in a few words, a constant practice which seeks to bring a greater sense of identity, greater courage, determination and openness to all of life’s challenges. The attendees were encouraged to think deeply and find the practicality of this approach in daily life. Conversations and questions after the talk demonstrated their openness and receptivity.

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