The philosopher’s cinema club “How to recognise yourself?” (Ekaterimburgo, Russia)

Promotion of Philosophy

How to recognise yourself? How can we answer the question: “Who am I?”. We tried to find the answers at the philosopher’s cinema club, with the fragments of the famous movies that became a starting point for the discussions and considerations.

All the cinema quotes were connected to three main aspects giving us hints for the answers: dreams, the choice dilemma and commitment to something or someone. For example, to discuss the first aspect our guests divided into pairs and told each other about their childhood dreams, they also tried to formulate which dreams they are trying to realise now. At the choice dilemma part we discussed the movie pieces devoted to the topic of social masks and roles and being yourself in any circumstances.

We highly recommend you the following movies: «Dead Poets Society», «Invictus», «October Sky», «Front of the Class», «Pelé: Birth of a Legend».


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