Play “The Prophet” fills the Theatro da Paz and collects almost 1 ton of food (Belém, Brazil)

Artistic Activities

New Acropolis Belém offered an unforgettable night for the public at Theatro da Paz with “The Prophet”, with the play inspired by the book by the Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran, directed by Luiz Antônio Rocha and staged by the actor and musician Sami Bordokan, who shared the stage with musician William Bordokan.
Before the play, Lúcia Helena Galvão, author of the adaptation and a volunteer teacher at the New Acropolis, enriched the show with a lecture on Gibran, clarifying how this artist experienced life in a very profound way and how he knew how to express it with a unique beauty and sensitivity and admirable.
More than 630 people participated, occupying the entire theater and helping to collect almost 1 ton of food through solidarity tickets.
The food has already been destined for the Instituto Paraense de Educação e Arte – Ipearte, to be distributed among families assisted by the Institute in Marituba.
“For us, who promote Philosophy, Culture and Volunteering for love, it was a very enriching experience. At New Acropolis we believe in the power of art and beauty to awaken better citizens. So, it was a joy to bring this event to our beloved city”, says Lênon Raiol, director of Nova Acropolis Belém.

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