Podcast: International Mother Earth Day (Bilbao, Spain)

Mother Earth Day

On the occasion of the celebration of International Mother Earth Day, Espacio Luzarra dedicated its monthly podcasts to ecology, analyzing the physical, human, social and cultural circumstances of the present time.

Paideia has highlighted the mistreatment to which the planet is being subjected due to ignorance and selfishness: why dirty, pollute and deplete the place where we live instead of taking care of it as our own home?

In the words of Gandhi “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed“. Thus, while one part of the planet squanders natural resources, the other part dies of hunger.

For its part, The Value of Words explored the etymology of the word nature, which comes from the Latin “natura” and this, in turn, derives from the verb “nasci“, to be born, originated by natural processes.

It is in contrast with artificial which means man-made.

But, just as man builds and destroys according to rather egocentric interests, in Nature nothing is the product of selfishness, but everything is part of a plan of universal evolution, within which the human being is included.

Is mankind fulfilling the purpose entrusted to it by Mother Nature, or does it live in its artificial world, disconnected from its environment?

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