Woman, Lady, Goddess: to celebrate femininity in all its forms (Verona, Italy)


The volunteers of New Acropolis Verona organized “Woman, Lady, Goddess”, a unique event to celebrate femininity in its various forms born as part of the “EightMarch. Feminile, plural” promoted by the Department of Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Verona.

The initiative was carried out at the Santa Teresa Park in Verona and saw the participation of other voluntary associations, cooperatives and local entities. Among the proposed activities there were music workshops, gymnastics exhibitions, ecological cleaning, recycling workshops, singing performances and much more. Furthermore, the participants in the event were able to visit the educational exhibition set up for the occasion, which proposed a historical and cultural path on the role of women in different traditions, offering a starting point for reflection on how every woman lives herself, as great virtues accompany femininity and how these can enrich the society in which we live. There was also the legendary “Bibliomobile”, a little bookmobile which offered citizens the opportunity to borrow books and “readings in kind” for the little ones.

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