“Body Art Spirit” courses (Cour Petral, France)


In a world where everything is fragmented and we’ve lost touch with what’s essential, reconnecting with ourself, with others and with nature is the aim of the “Body Art Spirit” courses that New Acropolis France has been organising every year for the last 25 years at the Cour Petral.

To live in unison with the rhythms of the body and the energies of nature, to marvel through the eyes, the voice and the mind. The aim of our courses is not just to introduce us to new practices, but also to show us how, with a philosophical mindset, they can enrich our identity and our inner life.

Once again this year, the courses were a great success, both in terms of numbers and their unanimously acclaimed quality:
– Wellness and Health Qi-Qong course, with Mario Schwarz
– Astrology and self-knowledge course, with Gérard Gante and Laura Winckler
– Course in Storytelling: Between philosophy and mythology, with Laura Winckler and Louisette Badie
– Ornamental mosaic course, with Caroline Salagnac
– Watercolour workshop: travel journal, with Fanny Mesnil
– Free singing course with Sandrine Labory-Blanchet


They were all about arts and crafts, and the art of living and sharing that characterises the soul of our country.

The mosaic workshop enabled us to move forward with a project planned for the Cour Pétral, which will be presented to the public during the European Heritage Days on Saturday 16 September and Sunday 17 September 2023.

The watercolour course always delights participants. One participant said that, thanks to the instructor’s teaching skills, he had made great progress in this area and was very encouraged. All the participants exhibited their watercolours, which were admired by the entire audience.

There was also the art of living in good health thanks to Qi gong, the art of storytelling with oratory skills, and the art of singing with work on the voice and deep expression.

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