International Women’s Day (Lisbon, Portugal)

Artistic Activities

International Women’s Day (Lisbon, Portugal)

In celebration of International Women’s Day, New Acropolis held a series of events highlighting the feminine sense of life, from different perspectives.

The events began with a Feng Shui Workshop, which showed how everything around us affects us, from the landscape to the structure and content of our home or the place where we work. All these factors were analysed and an activity was offered on creating harmony, with the aim of establishing a balance between the human being and nature that can help to improve life.

This workshop was followed by another entitled: “Origami Workshop”. Origami (from the Japanese “oru” – to fold – and “kami” – paper) is the art of paper folding. From paper cut in the shape of a square, the most diverse forms can be created. It is the realisation of an idea through paper folding. From the first fold to the final result, the artist works on calm, patience and the challenge of focusing on the present moment, but can also experience profound teachings in these simple acts of paper folding.

These workshops were followed by two talks on two different facets expressed by women: literature and symbolism. The first was entitled: Muses of Education in Literature and the second, The Feminine through Theological Symbolism.

Finally, there was a walk around Lisbon, visiting some of its fountains and the Museum of Water, in an attempt to show the relationship between The Feminine and Mother Water.

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