Lecture: Dharma and Karma, the Meaning and Purpose of Life (Santa Tecla, El Salvador)

Cultural Activities

In this lecture entitled Dharma and Karma, the Meaning and Purpose of Life, the whole audience participated through questions and reflections, generating an interesting dialogue for everyone attending. The lecture was based on the Bhagavad Gita, and invited people to reflect on what our mission in the world might be, and the fact that all our actions naturally lead to equally natural reactions.

There was also a reflection about the importance of being active, getting involved rather than remaining spectators of destiny and life. An important idea was that inaction also has consequences, and that very rarely are we truly in a state of inaction. Throughout history, many philosophers have reflected on the theme of Dharma and Karma, but all of them have come to similar conclusions. As for Dharma, it explains the importance of duty and the ethics we must follow if we are to do what we ought to do.


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