Literature club – The Citadel (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Cultural Activities

A new session of our regular event – Literature book club. The latest instance was dedicated to the book of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – The Citadel. This very rich in content and a bit specific text, unsurprisingly sparked an in depth and thoughtful debate. Some of the participants compared it to the great books of world wisdom – being on one hand very poetic, and on the other a complex multilayered read.

So which is the author’s Citadel? On one hand this is the shared experienced of an imaginary ruler, who builds his empire around a few healthy soul ideals, linked to steady moral values. On the other hand “The Citadel” is built by the author in “the heart of men”, which gives the text another more deeply philosophical and ethical dimension.

The participants were very impressed by the author’s range of ideas and in depth view on some of the most profound questions of the soul, human communities, and the sense of belonging.

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