New Acropolis Brazil YouTube channel reaches 1 million subscribers (Brazil)


New Acropolis Brazil’s popularity on Youtube shows people’s interest in Philosophy: the institution recently reached one million subscribers. This result is the fruit of 14 years of volunteering work with the objective of using the Internet as a tool for education and reflection through the production of audiovisual content.

Today, the channel totals 32.3 million hours of lectures, commentaries on artworks, interviews, with more than 100 million views. Available free of charge, the content provides knowledge about great civilizations and thinkers, and represents an important tool for people from all walks of life to improve their relationship with themselves and with the world.

“Our presence on the Internet during these times is the result of the effort of volunteers who have been motivated to take advantage of all the knowledge of those who knew how to live wisely as human beings – philosophers of different cultures and times – and to present this cultural heritage to people in a simple, experiential and practical way”, says philosopher Lúcia Helena Galvão Maya, a volunteer teacher of New Acropolis for 33 years.


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The Channel’s Top 3:

1- How to overcome internal limitations – 3.5 million views.

2- The Kybalion – 3.3 million views.

3- The Voice of the Silence – 2 million views.

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