Presentation of the Book “Carta para una futura fraternidad” (Málaga, Spain)

Editorial News

The book “Carta para una futura fraternidad (Letter for a future fraternity). Salomon Ibn Gabirol and the Golden Age of Jewish Culture in Spain”, was presented at the Naos Centre by its author Isabel Anaya Moreno. The presentation took the form of an interview conducted by Miguel Artola, head of the Alexandria Library at New Acropolis Malaga.

In the presentation the author discussed some of the themes that appear in her novel about the life and thought of the Andalusian Jewish philosopher Ibn Gabirol, his journey through various cities of Al-Andalus, from his native Cordoba to Malaga, and Zaragoza, where he finally settled. The author spoke about the difficulties and tragedies that marked his life, as well as describing different aspects of daily life in 11th century Al-Andalus during the turbulent period of the Taifa kingdoms. She also discussed Andalusian culture and the influence of classical philosophy, as well as Ibn Gabirol’s humanist and integrating thought.

In the course of the interview, three poems by the Jewish thinker were recited, some of which reflected his suffering in the difficult circumstances of his life, and another of a mystical nature taken from his work Keter Malkut.




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