Health care in a rural community in Goiás (Brazil)

Social Volunteering

More than 50 families from the rural community of Baixa do Verde in the municipality of Cocalzinho in Goiás have already received medical, dental and physiotherapy care from New Acropolis volunteers in the first half of this year. Actions take place on weekends, mobilizing professionals in the areas of health and social assistance, students from the philosophy school in the Federal District and Goiás, around 60 kilometers from the community served.

The activities are aimed at promoting comprehensive human development. Thus, health promotion care for the population of Baixa do Verde begins with interviews to identify demands and direct assistance.

Some simpler procedures are carried out in the community itself and others are referred to the offices of the National Headquarters of New Acropolis Farm, located in the region.
Services are coordinated in New Acropolis by the secretariats of the Active Ecology Group and Health. They were received by the mayor of the municipality of Cocalzinho at the end of May and the forecast for the second half of 2023 is to also serve the Girassol rural community.

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