World Philosophy Day (Oradea, Romania)

World Philosophy Day

New Acropolis International Organization celebrates World Philosophy Day every year. The initiative of the anniversary belongs to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In Oradea branch of NA in Romania, we presented on November 18 an event dedicated to this celebration, entitled “Ancient Philosophy Exercises”, In addition to the ideas presented in the New Acropolis School of Philosophy, we made references to the volume of the French academician and philosopher Pierre Hadot – “Spiritual exercises and ancient philosophy”. The line of the discussions was guided by the ideas: “philosophy consists in an art of living, in a concrete attitude, in a determined lifestyle, which engages the whole existence” and living the philosophy is “a conversion that affects life in its entirety, which transforms the being of the one who fulfills it, which makes us pass from a life devoid of authenticity, obscured by ignorance, tormented by worries – to an authentic life, to an experience in which man is self-aware, has a vision of the world and enjoys peace and inner freedom.”

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