Book Club: The Symposium (Bolivia)

Promotion of Philosophy

In the latest edition of the Book Club, we had an exciting and enriching exploration of Plato’s “The Symposium”. During three meetings, participants plunged into the depths of this famous philosophical dialogue on love to discover its many facets.

The cycle was filled with activities that stimulated critical thinking and encouraged interaction among the participants. One of these was the performance of the speeches presented in “The Symposium”, where club members brought to life the different perspectives on love presented by Plato’s characters. These performances allowed for a deeper understanding of the various interpretations of love and its implications in our relationships and personal lives.

The book’s central themes, such as the search for beauty and unity through love, were explored in lively dialogues during each meeting. Attendees shared their personal reflections and experiences, enriching the collective discussion and understanding.

One of the ideas that resonated in the hearts of the participants was: “Love is not only an urge towards beauty, but also towards wisdom and virtue”.  Participants highlighted the vision of love as a transformative force that drives us to seek perfection in all aspects of our lives, a powerful force that drives the world.




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