Creole Song Day Celebration with our grandparents (Main Center – Lima, Peru)

Social Volunteering

Celebrating the Day of Creole Song with our grandparents!

Volunteers from the main Center of our School of Philosophy attended to the elderly of three geriatric centers: “Angelus”, “Reflejos de Amor” and “Abuelitos Felices” in San Borja and San Martin de Porres.

With the aim of accompanying them and bringing moments of relaxation, joy and fun, we carried out various activities including activation exercises, breathing and laughter therapy. A touch of elegance was offered with “Las Décimas” by the poet Nicomedes Santa Cruz, who was one of the greatest exponents of Afro-Peruvian décimas, as well as being a folklorist and journalist in his time.

We ended with a dance to the sound of Creole music and celebrating the birthdays of the month.

We, the volunteers of New Acropolis, feel pride, joy and also tenderness in providing this space of recreation and joy to our grandparents.


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