Giordano Bruno or the Renaissance of Eros (Belgium)

Promotion of Philosophy

February was marked by an exceptional conference entitled “Giordano Bruno or the Renaissance of Eros.” Hosted by Fernand Figares, director of Nouvelle Acropole in Belgium, this event sparked keen interest among participants, bringing together a large and passionate audience.

Giordano Bruno, a Renaissance Italian philosopher and thinker, was at the heart of discussions during the evening. As an emblematic figure of his time, Bruno explored innovative ideas that challenged the established norms of his era. Fernand Figares delved deeply into Bruno’s bold vision of love and magic, offering the audience a contemporary and practical perspective on the thoughts of this revolutionary philosopher.

The conference provided participants with an opportunity to delve into Giordano Bruno’s universe and explore his ideas on Eros, a concept that transcends mere physical love to encompass a broader vision of love as a creative and transformative force. Through Fernand Figares’s enthusiastic and profound approach, listeners were encouraged to reflect on the nature of love in all its dimensions, both human and cosmic.

The atmosphere following the conference was filled with enthusiasm and lively discussions. Participants expressed gratitude to Fernand Figares for sharing his expertise and shedding light on such a fascinating subject. Some even expressed a desire to further delve into these ideas and explore Giordano Bruno’s teachings more deeply.

This conference at Nouvelle Acropole Belgium not only offered a unique opportunity to explore the thoughts of a great philosopher but also encouraged participants to think creatively and practically about essential questions of the human condition. It attests to Nouvelle Acropole’s ongoing commitment to promoting dialogue and the pursuit of truth, inspiring an ever-growing audience.

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