Philosophical poetry by women Recital (Barcelona, Spain)

Artistic Activities

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, at New Acropolis Barcelona, the poetry group Safo held a recital of philosophical poetry by women.

Poetesses of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries were stars through their beautiful and delicate words. Pain, pleasure, nonconformism and feminine determination were the main themes that were shared with the audience through the moving interpretation of eighteen students.

Their highest ideals were reflected in the chosen poems, which brought us closer to the mystery of each one of them. Unique and incomparable, Joana Raspall, Alfonsina Storni, María Zambrano, Ángela Becerra, Teresa of Calcutta, Gloria Fuertes… among others, motivate and inspire us to be better human beings.

“Mientras estés viva, siéntete viva.

Si extrañas lo que hacías, vuelve a hacerlo.

No vivas de fotos amarillas…”


“Si soy rara por despertar,

a media noche,

con la urgencia de un verso prendido en mi boca…”


“Si haguessis nascut en una altra terra,

podries ser blanc, podries ser negre…”


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