Signposting an Ecological Trail (Sinop-MT, Brazil)

Ecological Volunteering

A group of volunteers from the International Organization New Acropolis signposted the area of the Bica Trail, located between the roundabouts of Avenida dos Flamboyants and Avenida dos Carvalhos. Signs and incentives were displayed for those completing the 3.4 km route.

The placement of the signage was intended to encourage local people to take ownership of the space, by making it attractive to those who live in the city, as well as serving as a guide for walkers and cyclists who use the place for sports.

The action complemented the trail maintenance work carried out by the Sinop Ecological and Sports Park Association (APEES), made up mainly of cyclists who combine sport with care for the environment, through activities such as replanting seedlings.

At the end of the day, the participants shared reflections on the activity of volunteering.

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