Volunteering Day at Lake Coatepeque (Santa Ana, El Salvador)

Social Volunteering

A day of fun, smiles and solidarity with the children of the communities surrounding Coatepeque Lake, Santa Ana, with the active participation of volunteers from New Acropolis Santa Tecla. For this day an exciting Rally was designed that included a series of stages in which the children could play, work as a team and, of course, have fun to the fullest.

The day was not limited to games; it also included the activity of bursting piñatas and a snack. In total, almost fifty people participated in this day, including volunteers from New Acropolis Santa Tecla and children from the communities near Lake Coatepeque.

This activity is a testimony of how solidarity and the willingness to make a difference in the lives of others can create unforgettable moments. We thank the volunteers for their dedication and the children for their joy and enthusiasm. Together, we have shown that solidarity can brighten the day of those who need it most.

New Acropolis Santa Tecla is proud to be part of this event and is committed to continue working for the community and the welfare of its inhabitants. Let’s continue building smiles and joy for a better world!

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