Spartan Teaching about Fear (Warsaw, Poland)

Conference about Sparta entitled: “Spartan teaching on fear”. With the development of the most important ideas that made this ancient society unique: – how the Spartans managed their fears to […]

Delivery of blankets (Warsaw, Poland)

Volunteers of New Acropolis are constantly collecting the most necessary things for refugees from Ukraine. The unexpected return of low temperatures and falling snow has brought new challenges. Therefore, in […]

Clothing collection (Warsaw, Poland)

In the month of February members of New Akropolis continue to organize charity collection of clothes. We donated winter jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters and other clothing, variety of personal hygiene products […]

Women in Philosophy (Poland)

International Women’s Day 2022 we celebreted in unusual companion of women-philosophers of ancient times. We held two lectures, one in Gdansk and one in Warsaw, dedicated to women known from […]

Help at train and bus stations (Warsaw)

As of today, 1.5 million refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Poland, including 250 000 in Warsaw alone. The wave of people arriving is met with enormous support from many […]

Philosophy of Buddhism (Poland, Gdansk)

In the collaboration with Voivodeship and City Public Library of Gdansk, New Arcopolis Poland organized a public lecture entitled “Philosophy od Buddhism”. There was presented the life and teachings of […]

Philosophical summer in the park (Warsaw, Poland)

During the summer, New Acropolis organised several philosophical meetings on various topics in the Royal Baths Park. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the basics of Ancient Egyptian Wisdom, […]