All Together for All (Athens, Greece)

                    New Acropolis Athens organized a meeting of volunteers for a clean-up of Victoria Square in Athens. With the motto ‘All Together […]

Singing with the troubadours (Athens, Greece)

The cultural tradition of the European medieval troubadours came to life with a group of volunteers of New Acropolis Athens, who sang along coastal streets in Piraeus providing a sense of […]

Philosophy Battles (Athens, Greece)

Four days and eight philosophers. In the context of the Philosophy Battles event held at New Acropolis Athens, each night, two philosophers -apparently contradictory- came to life to talk to […]

Crafts workshop in Nea Smyrni (Athens)

At the center of New Acropolis Athens in Nea Smyrni, a crafts workshop was carried out whereby participants created various objects in wood, terracotta and other materials.