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Mask making workshop organized by the ‘Da Vinci’ creative group. Participants had the opportunity to create their own unique mask.

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New Acropolis Bulgaria organized an ECO-workshop in celebration of Earth Day. Participants created beautiful and useful items such as cards, candle holders, coasters and other objects, entirely from natural materials.

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Τέχνη των bonsai Τέχνη των bonsai
Τέχνη των μπονσάι Bonsai workshop












Two-day weekend workshop to come into contact with the ancient art of Bonsai. The secret? A good mix of earth and fertilizers and applying the trimmer as much as possible according to the rules of harmony… and then intuition!

After learning some secrets from the Chinese and Japanese, we were able to put them into practice with a small pomegranate tree that now decorates a special place in our Center…

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New Acropolis organized a workshop about the language of symbols. The program began with a brief lecture about the symbols that humanity has used for millennia to describe in a timeless way ideas such as freedom, truth, the Universe, God, etc.

Participants then shared ideas about which are symbols of cyclical recurrence, of stability and many other concepts. They also had to guess what is the symbolic meaning of different images as: Eagle, Rings, Pearls, etc.

Thus, at the end of the event, they expressed their new knowledge in the drawing of their own symbol to express their inner being and the qualities they are searching for.

IMG_1782-00    AA-SYMB-03-logoAIMG_1794-00    AA-SYMB-01-logoA

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New Acropolis Bulgaria participated once again in the annual festival ‘Sofia Breathes’. This time we prepared a workshop of archaeological reproductions for the children, and participants got to spin our Wheel of Virtues! Almost a thousand people visited our stand throughout the day.

SD-2015-01    SD-2015-02   SD-2015-04SD-2015-03

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Art kamp Maribor, SloveniaArt kamp Maribor, SloveniaNew Acropolis in Slovenia once again participated in the summer festival Artkamp in the main park of Maribor. The goal of our workshop was to teach children (and their parents) the laws of physics, this time the laws of optics – in the context of the International Year of Light.

With some simple experiments children learned how our eyes work, how the camera works, how we can make a simple microscope and a simple telescope and how they work, how refraction and reflection of light work and more. The children could also make a kaleidoscope and periscope by themselves. One part of the workshop also dealt with optical illusions.

When dealing with light, one finds out that our sense organs can be deceiving. They give us information about the external world, which is not indisputable truth … A picture we see, for example, can be just a reflection of an object which is not really there. The colour we see, may seem different to us if we set it in another environment … This can make us start questioning ourselves: what is the world we see and what is reality? We once again showed that physics is not boring and that we can find wonderful and interesting laws of it everywhere – if we just look around ourselves and have the will to investigate.

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kurs-prve-pomociMembers of New Acropolis Serbia learned various ways of providing first aid care. The training covered practical interventions which can be very useful in everyday life. Special attention was paid to possible accidents and injuries that can occur in nature. The main idea was to introduce participants to different situations that can lead to injuries, but which may be successfully prevented with better care and prevention. Theoretical explanations of the symptoms, reinforced with first aid methods and practical demonstrations, awoke an interest to continue with the training through practical workshops and active involvement of all participants!



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