Creative writing workshop (Bulgaria)

“Honesty, Confucius and the garden next to the National Theater” For the first time a creative writing workshop was held in the New Acropolis – Sofia. A new challenge and […]

Martenitsi Workshop (Bulgaria)

The new Acropolis Bulgaria celebrated the arrival of spring and the arrival of Baba Marta with a creative workshop of “martenitsi” (a small ornament, made of white and red thread […]

Recycling workshop (Guatemala, Guatemala)

In our recycling workshops we learned how to classify waste, we learned the meaning and importance of the 3Rs (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) and above all we understood that this […]

Workshop on singing (Sofia, Bulgaria)

New Acropolis Sofia held a first edition of a long-planned series of musical workshops for singing. The goal was not to produce the next world-famous stars, but in accordance with […]

World Philosophy day (Bulgaria)

Honoring World Philosophy day UNESCO 2022, New Acropolis Bulgaria organized an interesting workshop: The Symbols of the Soul. It consisted of two parts – a lecture on the symbols of […]

Taller de ética (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

Los voluntarios de Nueva Acrópolis impartieron un taller de ética a alumnos de 3 Institutos de Quetzaltenango (Instituto de Educación Básica de Enseñanza por Cooperativa Llanos del Pinal; Instituto Nacional […]