General meeting of OINA in Vienna (Austria)

Promotion of Philosophy

Asamblea OINA 2011The International Organization New Acropolis (OINA) held its Annual General Meeting in the city of Vienna (Austria). In the course of the meeting, the different delegations of the member countries presented their reports and conclusions about their activities in the period 2010-11 in the 58 national structures and over 300 centres where it operates, in the continental areas of Western and Eastern Europe, North, Central and South America, Asia and Oceania.

The Organization’s directors especially highlighted the positive results of its programs to promote the dissemination of Philosophy, as well as its Volunteering actions, which this year have gathered considerable momentum.

Coinciding with this international meeting the International Philosophy Conference was held, where research teams from the different countries presented papers on a central theme which this year was dedicated to Language as a Means of Communication in its different expressions.

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