Open Doors Day in Barcelona (Spain)

Cultural Activities, Promotion of Philosophy

“Discover a World of Dreams”. This was the title of an event that began with a presentation of the project for a School of Eastern and Western Philosophy.

In the course of the evening there were demonstrations and performances in the different fields of activity in which New Acropolis is involved:

Christmas and New Year Campaign 2011 – Social Volunteering

Active culture, with a performance by the Amaterasu Chinese Shadow Theater Group; exhibition of philosophical martial arts; exhibition of projects by the Dionysus Theater Group; Urania Astronomy Workshop; Phidias Arts and Crafts Workshop; Thoth Bookbinding Workshop and a Workshop for Women Poets and Young Artists.
Ethical and philosophical education and training, with a presentation of a Philosophy and Volunteering Workshop.
Volunteering, showing different solidarity and social integration projects; ecology and sustainability, and promotion of volunteering and networking.
The event also featured a video presentation of the Annual Report of activities for the year.

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