Spanish Congress on Ancient Philosophy and Modern Science in Malaga (Spain)

World Philosophy Day

Jointly organized by the UNESCO Association for Intercultural and Inter-religious Dialogue in Malaga and the International Philosophical Organization New Acropolis in Spain, the “National Congress on Ancient Philosophy and Modern Science” was supported by the Malaga Provincial Council, as well as by several institutions and associations, and was attended by a large and interested audience.

The wide-ranging program consisted on the one hand of the conference of 19 November which brought together six distinguished speakers in the city of Malaga; and on the other hand a range of events and lectures taking place all over Spain throughout the month of November.

The presentations of the six guest speakers were full of varied and interesting content. They highlighted the increasingly frequent “coming together” of the wisdom that we are recovering from antiquity and the new approaches and discoveries of science.

The participants and their presentations in order of appearance were:

“From Mother Goddess to Gaia Hypothesis”. Manuel José Ruiz Torres, PhD in Biology. Winner of the Environmental Research Prize. President of the Hermes Institute in Spain.
“Buddhist cosmology, the big bang and the creation of the universe”. Peter Gómez, specialist in Tibetan Buddhism, Director of the Karma Guen Buddhist center.
“Scientific modernity of the Greek philosophers”. Serafín Pazo, PhD and Professor of Pharmacy and Chemistry.
“Science and neuroscience in the light of meditation”. Gabriel Aguilera, Professor of UMA School of Computer Engineering. Meditation and Yoga teacher.
“Medicine for the body and the soul”. Dr. Juan Martín Carpio, specialist in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Writer and researcher on the medical traditions of Ancient Egypt.
“The secret code of Nature: divine geometry”. Jaime Buhigas Tallón, architect, author of the book Divine Geometry.
The congress was co-ordinated by Miguel Ángel Padilla (on the left in the photograph), philosopher and Director of the International Philosophical Organization New Acropolis in Malaga.

At this Philosophy and Science congress we have been able to see that we are all philosophers, once we discover within ourselves a desire to know and to give meaning to what we see and experience; as soon as we feel the need to combine thought, feeling and action in a life full of meaning.

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