Blood Donor Day in Montevideo (Uruguay)

Social Volunteering

Volunteers of New Acropolis Uruguay in collaboration with the National Blood System organised a Blood Donor Day. Apart from the actual blood donation the aim of the day was to convey the importance of being a donor.

Blood donation is essential to save or improve the quality of life of many people. When a person loses large amount of blood in an accident or surgery, or has some health problems, he or she may need a blood transfusion. However, since, at present, the human blood cannot be synthesized, it is necessary to take it from another person, i.e. a donor.

Few countries in the world have organized a public system of blood donation, among which are Argentina, Spain, Uruguay, and Costa Rica. In these countries buying and selling blood is prohibited. Blood is considered to be a unique public resource, donated only voluntarily and used solely by health institutions for treatment of patients.





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