Meeting with professor Sh.A. Amonashvili in Moscow (Russia)

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Meeting with professor Sh.A. AmonashviliOn January 28, 2013 “New Acropolis” in Moscow hosted a meeting with professor Sh.A. Amonashvili − doctor of pedagogical sciences, president of the International centre of humanitarian pedagogy.

The topical theme of the meeting gathered over 70 people – teachers and parents. Shalva Amonashvili spoke about the main ideas and principles of the humanitarian approach to children’s education and about his path in life as a teacher.

Humanitarian pedagogy is based primarily on recognizing a child’s spiritual essence. The root of the word “education” in the Russian language means “image”, the image of the Creator in a person. Humanitarian pedagogy sees its task in opening this Image in a child. Thus the role of a teacher becomes paramount, as it is beside a wise grown-up able to see the child as he could and should be an integral harmonic person develops.

One thought on “Meeting with professor Sh.A. Amonashvili in Moscow (Russia)

  • Hi, i am very interested in prof. Amonashvili’s theory. I am an associate professor in a Romanian Institute (teaching pedagogy and psychology).
    I forgot my Russian, in Englsh his work is not available here. Still, I could read here and there something about his ideas.

    I wonder if you could help me to obtain perhaps an e-mail address of prof Amonashvili? I could not find anything on the internet. I would like very much to contact him for my own interest but also, for my students. they need to know what is going on in the educational world and I think that in this field, prof. Amonashvili is a very important representative.

    Thank you in advance,

    Magdalena Dumitrana,
    PhD in Education, PhD in Psychology

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