World Poetry Evening in Sydney (Australia)

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In mid-August New Acropolis held a recital of poems from different cultures and countries. At its centre in Sydney, its members from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, such as Brazil, Turkey, Australia, UK, India and Finland, demonstrated the richness and vitality of multiculturalism. Poems by authors of different nationalities were recited first in the original and then in English. An unforgettable evening.


Poets selected for the evening:

  1. Yunus Emre, Turkey
  2. Dorothy Porter, Australia
  3. Emily Bronte, England
  4. Cecília Meireles, Brazil
  5. Eino Leino, Finland
  6. Jose Rizal, Philippines
  7. Nâzim Hikmet, Turkey
  8. Dylan Thomas, Wales
  9. Ted Hughes, England
  10. Amado Nervo, Mexico
  11. Vinicius de Moraes, Brazil
  12. Ernest Dowson, England


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