Lecture on the workshop ‘A world through color’ carried out by children with Down Syndrome

Artistic Activities

New Acropolis Granada presented a lecture by Maritrini Espadafor on arts and craft activities carried out by kids with Down Syndrome.

Maritrini explained that in spite of the difficulty that marked the beginning of these activities, she was surprised by the capacity of her students to combine colors and shapes in the tapestries that were made. She pointed out that one of the keys that she regards as very important is the expectations of a professor regarding the daily on-going work of her students beyond what one can imagine, and considers it essential to help them express the art they carry within themselves. The work done by Maritrini with these students is very important because in addition to helping them develop their manual dexterity and psychomotricity, she also succeeds in fostering their self-esteem.

The fruits of this work in the textiles workshops were presented in an exhibition of rugs.

Noticias. Sindrome de Down
Noticias. Charla S. de Down



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