New Acropolis participates in the Congress ‘preventive mind-body health’ organized by the A. UNESCO Malaga Prodiálogo

Cultural Activities, Philosophy

Dr_Alzina_congresoMalagaNew Acropolis participated in the Congress on ‘preventive mind-body health’ organized by the UNESCO Association Malaga Prodiálogo, with the presentation by Dr. Alzina entitled ‘The necessary mind/body balance’. The contribution of New Acropolis in this Conference was very well received by the more than 200 attendees at the event. Dr. Alzina highlighted the need to understand the human being as a reality that unites spirit, soul and body, and where the greatest healing force underlying balance and health is love.
His presentation can be seen on video. The rest of the papers were of a high level and you can access them also. You can see the complete program at:

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