Russia invites to join the campaign ‘Minute of goodness’

Philosophy, Social Volunteering

Minute of kindness logoNew Acropolis Russia invites all to participate in the campaign ‘Minute of goodness’ with a short video in support of this wonderful initiative. Surprisingly, we are prepared and we are happy to help others, but we are so busy with our own thoughts and worries that we seem to forget that.

Misunderstandings are part of our lives, but it is not worth dwelling on them. Help us to discover our best being, and that includes the possibility of sharing the goodness. Share your goodness and the world will be a little better!

The rules of the campaign are: Anyone can participate. Make a one-minute video and share in something good. It can be a song, a poem, a true story or your own words – anything that contains a message of kindness. It should be approximately one minute long.  The logo should be visible on the screen during the video. Send the video via YouTube or via any sharing files site and send a link to The title of the video must contain the title of the campaign, the name and surname of the author and the city where you live. The video will be downloaded to the channel dedicated to ‘Minute of goodness’ in YouTube after verification of the moderators.

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