Towards a reunified man (Rouen, France)

Cultural Activities
Nouvelle Acropole, conférence
Luc Bigé, Doctor en Ciencias.

New Acropolis welcomed Luc Bigé, Doctor of Sciences (Biochemistry), writer and symbolist, author of The Reunified Man, in the Espacio Amanecer in Rouen.

Man is fragmented because our way of thinking analyzes, measures and quantifies; but the stark reality of the poetic dimension and common sense often escape us because we do not understand how to integrate these. Therefore, it is necessary to change our point of view so that we can play our role in the evolution of knowledge and the construction of society.


Luc Bigé explained two significant axes, the rational one with thought / feeling, and the irrational one with intuition / sensation, which allows us to contact the world of dreams. Every world has its way of expression, the visible world with the scientific language and the invisible world, with symbols.
Getting in touch with this subjective world gives meaning to our life, and is realized by means of meditation, poetry, art, numbers and myths.

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