Volunteerism day in the forest of Epinay (Essonne, París, France)

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Nouvelle Acropole, Volontariat écologique en forêt d'Epinay (Essone), Paris 5A team of volunteers carried out a clean-up day in the forest of Epinay-sur-Orge. Sheltered by the small river Yvette, this green space borders on a railroad route where the passengers have taken the bad habit of littering through the windows. In a matter of hours and in the rain, the team filled more than 15 bags of 100 liters, and picked up several quite unusual articles. Too many traces of visitors… that suffocate in silence this beautiful green space… There is to say that despite how visited this forest is, and despite the regular excursions that take place in it, there were areas that had not been cleaned for years …

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