We celebrate Environment Week with the distribution of seedlings and a clothesline of good environmental practices (Criciúma, SC, Brazil)

Ecological Volunteering

New Acropolis Criciuma volunteers were in the Plaza Nereu Ramos to celebrate Environment Week. To promote this solidarity action with our environment, New Acropolis distributed seedlings of medicinal, aromatic and spice plants, and installed a clothesline of good environmental practices with the aim of providing practical information for a better understanding of the human being and its relationship with the environment. The media also echoed the activity:
http://www.engeplus.com.br/noticia/geral/2014/nova-acropole-estende-varal-com-dicas-ambientais-na-nereu-ramos/ http://www.sulinfoco.com.br/nova-acropole-promove-atividades-voltadas-ao-meio-ambiente

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