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2015 São_Gonçalo Brasil-S China1New Acropolis in São Gonçalo-RJ, gave a seminar on Chinese culture. Among the topics covered: Confucianism and its political philosophy, the mystical philosophy of Lao Tze, traditional Chinese medicine and Martial Arts.
At the end of the seminar attendees participated in a cocktail party and tasted traditional Chinese snacks.

2015 São_Gonçalo Brasil-S China2

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2015 Tijuca Brasil-S Festival1New Acropolis Tijuca held the Art Festival of Seasons dedicated this time to Fall. The event featured musical, theatrical, poetic performances including the New Acropolis Tijuca choir, the Taiko (Japanese drums) Group who presented their own original compositions; demonstrations of Nei Kung, mode of Chinese martial art and I Ai do, mode of Japanese sword art. Theater sketches and poetry recitals were also presented. The group of Lyrical Jazz Dance, working with smoothness of motion, closed the event with a beautiful performance inspired in Renewal.
2015 Tijuca Brasil-S Festival3 2015 Tijuca Brasil-S Festival4

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El quijote en la calle 06 (640x427)In commemoration of Book Day, the theater group ‘Ideas’ of New Acropolis Málaga interpreted in the street the advice given by don Quixote to Sancho Panza before he was to govern the island!


El quijote en la calle 01 (640x427) El quijote en la calle 05 (427x640)

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Νέα Ακρόπολη - σεμινάριο φιλοσοφίαςThe director of New Acropolis Austria visited us and gave a workshop on Socratic dialogue. We had the opportunity to see through practical exercises how dialogue can help us gain a better understanding of others, but also of ourselves, with the aim of improving communication and understanding.
Νέα Ακρόπολη - σεμινάριο διαλόγου

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USANC_LX2 (800x800)

New Acropolis Chicago participated in LAKE FX 2015, the region’s largest free networking fair for artists, creative professionals and entrepreneurs, with an engaging interactive stand. Visitors learned about New Acropolis activities and received an inspirational virtue for their day by spinning the Wheel of Virtues.

USANC_LX (800x800)









USANC_LX3 (800x800)

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103031New Acropolis sponsored and participated in a forum called Philosophy, Politics and History: An encounter between East and West with a lecture entitled Politics according to Confucius by professor Ricardo Garcia.
The event was organized by the Cátedra Libre Simon Bolivar of the Faculty of Humanities and Education of the ULA, with the collaboration of the University of the Andes in the city of Mérida.

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Prof. Sebastián Pérez, national director of the Tristan Institute of Music, carried out an interactive workshop on medieval music where participants listened to a range of musical pieces, from early recorded music, to Mozart and Bach to jazz. He showed experiments of resonance, discussed the emergence of harmonics and even made participants dance! Music holds in itself the laws which generated the universe!


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