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Preparación de la Cata 1The evening began with an explanation of the different wines that attendees were going to taste accompanied by a tasting of exquisite dishes. Between tastings poems about wine and love by several authors were recited.

Participants were enriched by the explanations and savored the tastings by trying to differentiate and appreciate the different colors, smells and tastes of different wines from the Granada regions that were presented. The evening unfolded in a very friendly and fun atmosphere.




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renasterea valorilor clasiceNew Acropolis Bucharest organized an exhibition which took place in the lobby of the Faculty of Psychology. Students were able to discover the origins of the European Renaissance phenomenon, and learned about painting, architecture, music and science, which all flourished in new forms and were centered on Man and the classical values of Antiquity. In addition to this exhibition, two multimedia presentations took place at the central branch of New Acropolis, dedicated to the Renaissance and to a prominent figure of Renaissance art, Michelangelo. The event also included a recital of Persian poetry.

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2015-03-01 02-42-44 smallThe workshop on the art of being oneself was held in New Acropolis Izevsk featuring a program combining psychology and philosophy, theater techniques, exercises and atypical situations. Participants in a dynamic mode of learning, discovered their capabilities and enhanced their abilities to work and communicate as a team.


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3 Actiune socio-umanitară la Căminul de bătrâni StejarulThis Spring New Acropolis returned to the Stejarul Retirement Home to bring the news of Spring. Volunteers offered flowers, recited poems by George Toparceanu, Mihai Eminescu, Alexandru Macedonski, Lucian Blaga, listened to the music of Vivaldi and Strauss and sang along with their friends from the retirement home.
In a series of multimedia presentations, volunteers also talked about personalities born on the 14th of March – Albert Einstein, Johann Strauss Sr. and Alexandru Macedonski, and also gave a presentation about the Egyptian civilization. The volunteers were greeted with warmth and enthusiasm by all those who needed a bit of light, joy and care on a rainy Spring day.

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Delegación de profesores y voluntarios visita y realiza ofrenda floral al busto de Giordano Bruno

Una delegación de profesores y voluntarios realiza una ofrenda floral al busto de Giordano Bruno.

The traditional tribute was held to Giordano Bruno, renaissance philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, writer, teacher who taught at the major universities in Europe, but who unfortunately had to face the incomprehension of the ecclesiastical authorities of the time. New Acropolis led several Chilean cities to get a statue bust honoring the philosopher who was born Nolan, but who died universal.

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11377176_477421225746185_820794841539474935_nSocial action by a group of volunteers from New Acropolis who provided company to the elders of the Ceder nursing home, cleaned bathrooms and bedrooms, and provided pedicures. Volunteers also donated 10502251_477420992412875_8700987790486862156_nsupplies to this nursing home where the majority of residents suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.







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Many volunteers joined forces to collaborate in the 8th International Health Fair organized by the Fundación Ferries del Caribe and held at the Sans Souci terminal. New Acropolis volunteers supported the logistics of the event and managed to facilitate the flow of more than four thousand people who received free medical care during this day. A high percentage of patients came from the poorest areas of Santo Domingo.



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