Commemoration of World Philosophy Day (Israel)

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New Acropolis Israel commemorated World Philosophy Day, for the third consecutive year, with a photographic exhibition, whose theme was ‘Touching the light’. 145 people participated, including 50 exhibitors.

Why photography? Because there is a similarity between photography and philosophy, a similarity in dealing with light and shadow, the perceptible and the invisible, the search for beauty and truth. Asking the questions: Is it the truth? Or is it just what we are able to understand? The photographer, and the philosopher, are both people who see. The photographer sees the world as drawn in light and recognizes the beauty that exists. The philosopher is the one who sees the essential best, hidden everywhere.

The exhibitors shared their journey of life, between light and shadow. This was a wonderful opportunity to ‘touch the light’, and experience philosophy as a relevant tool in our daily life.


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