Cultural visit to the Mazzaropi Museum (Taubaté – SP, Brazil)

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New Acropolis Taubaté organized a cultural visit to the Mazzaropi Museum. Located near the Hacienda Santa, in the District of Itaim, Taubaté, where he produced most of his films, the Museum is dedicated to rescue and to honor the life and work of the great Brazilian filmmaker Amácio Mazzaropi.
The Museum keeps a collection of more than 20 000 items, including pictures, movies, documents, objects, furniture and equipment forming part of the career of the artist, who turned the Vale do Paraiba into his hearth. The visit aimed to delve into the history of this great comic artist – who is still considered one of the greatest filmmakers of Brazil, who used language to address the serious problems of his time, still current, such as prejudice, violence, politics, and social responsibility.


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