Cycle of activities: ‘Music and Philosophy’ in La Paz and Santa Cruz (Bolivia)

Cultural Activities
Dúo Gonzales
Concierto didáctico “Música clásica, la búsqueda de la armonía”

The cities of La Paz and Santa Cruz conducted a cycle of activities entitled ‘Music and Philosophy’.

The program featured a series of workshops, lectures and didactic concerts to increase awareness of the basic concepts of music – the elements that compose it, knowing how a score works and which parameters a composer utilizes to create – and how it influences human beings.

There were also several concerts of classical, contemporary and Latin American music with a rich guitar repertoire at the hands of guitarists Daniel and Marcelo Gonzales. The lecture ‘Rock & Philosophy’ closed this cycle, along with the projection of the opera The Magic Flute by W.A. Mozart.

santa cruz
Audición comentada rock y filosofía


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