‘Hyperborea’, winter festival in Petrozavodsk (Northern Russia)

Cultural Activities

1Petrozavodsk hosted the International Winter Festival Hyperborea. It traditionally unites northern cities, lying “beyond Boreas” – beyond the 60th parallel, and is held to show the attractiveness of life in the North, and on this day citizens are offered a series of fun and exciting contests and games.
New Acropolis philosophers suggested to people who came to see the ice sculptures, to consider the meaning of the festival, and to answer the questions: “Why do you love the North? What is attractive, for example, in the winter, which lasts six months, or in the long, dark nights and cloudy days? ” It was interesting to hear from people not only “skates, skis and sleds” for which one can thank the North, but also the awe inspired by stars in the long, dark nights, the gratitude for the earth on which we live, and also  the opportunity to develop discipline offered by the cold northerly days.   And of course, living in  7Petrozavodsk, beyond Boreas, teaches us to love and appreciate beauty.




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