Learning the art of making mosaics at New Acropolis Mumbai (India)

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1426475705_image003After a good response to their first workshop in the ‘Everyone Can’ series, the Art Department of New Acropolis Mumbai conducted a workshop titled ‘Everyone Can… Make Mosaics’. The workshop was an introduction to the art of ‘Tile Mosaics’. Mosaic is an ancient art form popularly used to add an artistic element to walls, floors, sign-boards and other interior design elements. The art form dates back all the way to Mesopotamia in the 3rd millenium BC and we have evidence of the art being used in Greek and Roman cultures as well as in Rajasthani art in India. The process consists of an organized series of steps. First the mosaic is designed and visualized. This is followed by the busting, breaking and trimming of tiles. These tiles are then assembled into a design and fixed with adhesive. The finished product is grouted (cracks filled up) to give it a finished look. It is a great exercise in handicraft work using skill and tenacity!



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