Artistic jam session: a night of music, philosophy, communication and creation (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

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ג'אם_פברואר2015_תא_01 (Large)Music returned to the Tel-Aviv branch, creating an interactive encounter between a group of players and singers and an aware, attentive and active audience. This philosophical jam session was organized by Israel’s Tristan Institute and the Tel-Aviv branch.

During the evening hours, the main hall in the Tel-Aviv branch came to life, filled with rhythms and sounds of guitars, flutes, electronic keyboards and singing voices. The musicians demonstrated great teamwork and good communication created during months of collaborative work. The audience was an active participant in this creation: phrases of wisdom, which were handed to each of the attendees, were read during the evening and were the foundation of the improvised music.

ג'אם_פברואר2015_תא_02 (Large)

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