Lecture for students of the Baccalaureate State School (São Leopoldo, RS, Brazil)

Promotion of Philosophy

2015 São_Leopoldo Brasil-S Escuela_Estatal1New Acropolis São Leopoldo presented a lecture to students of the Olindo Flores Baccalaureate State School entitled ‘How to live in difficult times without losing our values?’

Deise Oliveira, educational counselor, invited Prof. Bárbara Klimiuk to deliver this activity – which had the support of volunteers Amanda Kauer and Andrea Albado –  in the form of a very interactive presentation where young people worked with the concepts: values, hard and live.

In the end, the group concluded that to live in this period of history it is necessary to create solutions and that each person needs to be the change they want to see in the world.

2015 São_Leopoldo Brasil-S Escuela_Estatal2



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